QLED Or OLED: Which TV Technology Should You Buy?





Technology has surely evolved our tastes and choices for entertainment. It has surely also evolved the medium of entertainment. Earlier, televisions were only judged based on their either size or colour profile. However, as time has evolved, our TVs have evolved too to suit our refined taste of high-quality entertainment and picture quality.


Nonetheless, if we are to purchase a new TV as of today, we often find ourselves confused amidst unending options. We are flooded with various options like 4K , 8K, UHD, OLED, QLED , with barely any knowledge about them. And, shopping for a new TV at this time could be like manifesting an endless field full of alien terms & technology.


So, as any smart consumer, you should get well-versed with the latest technological advancements made in the TV industry to purchase just the right product for you.


You should be aware of different panel technologies, picture quality, and others. In the same line, there is TV technology called LED, QLED, OLED &, etc. While all three offer different sets of benefits, the most stands out amongst them is undoubtedly QLED if compared to OLED or any other TV.


It has magnanimous picture quality, striking colour contrast, amazing brightness, and of course seamless entertainment. So, if you are about to purchase a new television, purchase QLED TV from iFFALCON but first learn all about it.




As we already know by now, QLED stands for Quantum Light Emitting Diode, in simpler language, it is a regular LED TV with quantum dots to supercharge its brightness and colour.


These quantum dots are nothing but tiny semiconductor particles only a few nanometres in size and each dot produces a different colour as per their size. For example, the smallest dot produces the blue colour while the larger dots produce the red colour.


These quantum dots work as microscopic molecules that emit their own light of varied colours when hit by light. These dots are generally contained in a film and the light they are hit by is provided by an LED-backlit panel. This light then travels through various other layers inside the TV to create a vivid picture. Since this light coming from an LED-backlit panel goes through many layers hence it is called trans missive.


Also, these dots offer many other ways for screens to emit colour instead of the regular inefficient and limited combination of white LEDs and colour filters. The unmissable point here is that these quantum dots can produce heavily saturated and precisely defined primary colours from existing blue LEDs than the ones we can get from comparably broad and thus imprecise light spectrum associated with white LEDs.


These nanoparticles or dots are capable of giving off incredibly bright, vibrant, and diverse colours better than any OLED TV.


Now, the only problem posed by these quantum dots is their inability to emit their own light. In any QLED TV, the quantum dots are basically backlit by a hundred or sometimes even more LEDs that are placed behind the panel.


Due to this quantum technology, QLED TVs offer better colours, brightness, and vibrancy than any OLED TV or any other TV.




OLED TV has individual pixels working as tiny dots that compose the image and hence it is called emissive display technology.
Due to this emissive display technology, the brightness of the OLED TV is not as good as the QLED TVs. Also, OLED TVs have noticeable screen Burn-In, not usually found in QLED TVs


Why Should You Get a QLED TV From iFFALCON?


iFFALCON is a leading brand in the TV industry. It has constantly evolved its TVs over the years to render the best experience to the user. So if you are about to purchase a new QLED TV , it should definitely be from iFFALCON, and here are few reasons why:


- A TV That’s Beyond Colourful:


It instantly elevates your entertainment quality with its vivid and nuanced picture quality. iFFALCON’s QLED TVs are built with cutting-edge hardware and industry-leading technologies to deliver next-level optics.


- Its Stunning 4K Picture:


It showcases your content across 33 million pixels that are 400% more than 4K. Its leading hardware, picture upscaling, powerful processor, and the latest HDMI make for a stunning display irrespective of content.


- Its Supreme Contrast Ratio:


It is engineered as such to make a black look more black and hence leads the way for emphatic contrast. The local dimming feature adds unimaginable depth to images and makes the entertainment & gaming more immersive.


- Its Dramatic Dolby Vision:


With iFFALCON’s QLED TVs , you get enhanced brightness level, a greater number of colours, and increasing contrast with its Dolby Vision technology.


- Intelligently Optimized Audio & Video:


The proprietary technology of an iFFALCON TV revolutionizes your TV’s potential. It gets you optimized audio & video with built-in Google Assistant, including Hands-Free Voice Control and Smart Device Interconnectivity.


- Updated With Latest Android System:


Your iFFALCON QLED TV comes pre-installed with the world's most popular operating system that lets you enjoy on-demand entertainment essentials, music, movies, games &, etc.


- Seamless Entertainment with A Powerful Processor:


It lets you enjoy your favourite app, connect external devices and stream content faster and boost your gaming experience because it has a leading processor.


Apart from the above-mentioned features of QLED TV from iFFALCON , its features like bezel-less design and premium audio quality, are also quite striking. So, you can get all these features in one TV, if you get yourself a QLED TV from iFFALCON.


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