Best 5 Requirements that make your Smart TV worth Every Penny you Spend




It’s 2019, and with every passing year, we are being introduced to some fascinating examples of technological brilliance. This is quite evident in the case of Smart TVs as well. The word acts as a prefix for televisions nowadays ever since Android stepped into the world of bigger screens. They make your life so much easier and hassle-free, letting you enjoy the best of TV with peace. Are you planning to buy one for yourself? Well, if it’s a nod in the affirmative, you ought to list down certain points which will help you in buying a Smart TV that sets an example for the others.


4K Resolution


UHD is in high demand these days as people have moved on from the days of FHD’s prime. When we talk about UHD, 4K is the type of resolution we recommend. 4K streaming is simply astounding. Every small and big detail is clearly visible to the naked eye; it might take some time for you to accept that you’re watching television. There are many films and web-series that are being shot with a 4K camera so, you have a plethora of options to utilise your 4K UHD Smart TV up to its full potential. Streaming services and OTT platforms like Netflix, Prime, Spotify, YouTube, etc. have 4K streaming so if you’re paying for it, it’s better to get the best.


Prompt User Interface


Smart TVs from ordinary brands have the problem of being redundant with slower response time. It must have a powerful processor to back it up. This is noticeable during intra-app functions or while switching from one app to another. If it’s slow or gives jarring reactions, then it’s a bad investment. This could happen despite having a fast internet connection. Ensuring a quick user interface makes your TV viewing experience much smoother as you can browse through plenty of choices without being bothered about the set slowing down.


Connection to various Digital Distribution Platforms


Smart TV is best used when it has access to uncountable apps with various functionalities. Due to Android, it will have access to the Play services including the Play Store, Play Games, Play Music, Play Books, Play Movies & TV, Play Newsstand and Google Store. Apart from these, many brands have their own proprietary application stores, purely made for that Smart TV itself. For eg., the iFFalcon App Store is a comprehensive application platform which has access to music, cinema, awesome video and a lot more.


Second Screen Experience


Flick it from your phone to your TV’, that’s how millennials like to put it these days. This is a remarkable feature which has been included both in televisions and smartphones. The Chromecast, as it’s called, helps you to cast videos, games, photos and other apps in your phone right into the bigger screen. Exciting isn’t it? Imagine converting your entire TV into a digital photo album or enjoying the intense action of PUBG from a screen 10 times bigger than your smartphone… That’s how convenient a Smart TV is.


Recommended factor: Artificial Intelligence


Android and AI form the best combination for your TV which not just makes it smart but also intelligent. With the help of Google Assistant, you can simply command what you demand! With the voice control options you can do a lot of things like lower or raise the volume, ask for details of the particular content that’s been broadcasted, switch on/switch off your TV, etc. You can also prepare your calendars, ask for weather reports, control your home appliances and use it for intelligent (optimised) viewing.


Points to Remember


Size does Matter – Like your TV, even your choices should be smart. Recommended sizes are 55-75 inches as such brilliant features deliver the best results when the screen is big.


Change Picture mode to Movie/Cinema – While buying from stores, it will help you to comprehend the real picture quality and setting of the TV, otherwise, customers normally fall for the ones having more brightness or the most vibrant imagery which is not the best yardstick in these situations.


Features – A smart TV should have optimum specifications which are required by a hi-tech TV set nowadays. Features like Dolby Speakers with 5.1 Surround Sound, HDR, micro-dimming, 3 HMDI ports and Wide Colour Gamut to name a few.


Cost – The most pertinent factor which might irk you is the pricing. A Smart TV may seem too costly but is quite economical on the contrary. But never settle for less just because the retail price is low. First, go for the features and then make your buy..