Best Features to Consider While Buying a Smart TV





The appeal of a Smart TV has a worldwide effect. Watching television has come of age so brilliantly that it’s no more about browsing channels and waiting for your programme to broadcast. The innovations and advancements have led to one of the most significant creations i.e. the Smart TV. The effect of Android is well known in the world of smartphones, and now its dominance in the field of bigger screens is exponential as well. A Smart TV can completely alter the course of your life as it’s not restricted to the traditional definition of television, it has shattered barriers and gave a new meaning to it. From high-end display to voice control, there’s a lot in the platter for you to discover. There’s a lot to learn about it, and it can be a grand investment on your part.

First let’s quickly go through the advantages of a Smart TV –


Tonnes of apps – You can download/remove apps as per your wish. There are many apps you can find that’s compatible with the TV.

Connects with Smartphone – Once your TV connects with your phone, your TV operates in a similar fashion as your smart device like you can browse through pictures or videos, play games, read books, etc.

Play Services – You can enjoy every aspect of Google Play which includes Store, Music, Games, Movies & TV shows, Newsstand and Books.

On-demand services – With various OTT services like Netflix, Hotstar and YouTube Premium you can binge on literally anything be it music, cinema or web series.

Voice Command – With Google Assistant you don’t even need the remote, your voice command does it all. Be it weather reports, searching a clip or any miscellaneous info.


The following reveals some interesting features that you must consider while buying-


The Size


Often we argue about the size of the television. Some prefer big, some prefer small, but it’s actually based on your personal and room requirements. A small screen can be equally efficient as a giant one. Although the preferable are the bigger ones as small screens may compel you to be a hard observer from a particular distance. With a giant screen, everything is theatrical. The farther you go, better becomes the view. And having a Smart TV with a big screen really is an excellent choice. A 75 inch TV shows you every detail with such precision that it will take time for you to accept that you’re not actually living the scene/moment.


Screen Specifications


Now that you have the size, the importance of display comes into existence. Aspects like screen resolution or image optimisation matter a lot these days as we have moved ahead of passive TV viewing where only limited viewing options were available. The features a Smart TV’s display needs are-


4K UHD – The king of resolutions 4K has dominated the markets for the last two years. An FHD TV does produce startling display but the UHD weaves magic and UHD in 4K is an out of the world experience for a first time viewer. Anything, from a small advertisement to an MCU film will give you a mind-blowing experience in a 75 inch 4K TV.


Micro Dimming – Micro dimming analyses every corner of the screen to adjust the brightness and darkness of the area to show a perfectly balanced picture. Due to this it’s not difficult for the eyes to make out what’s happening on the screen during a dark or very bright background.


HDR – One of the most talked about feature in terms of display is the HDR (High-Definition Range). It makes anything on the screen more lifelike. The HDR has a wider colour palette. A UHD screen and HDR can be one of the best combo features for any television.


Sound Setup


When you have a big screen like the 75 inch UHD Smart TV, you need an amazing sound setup to get the ‘theatre at home’ vibe. A 5.1 Dolby Decoder system is the best option you can consider. When the sound comes from various directions of your house it definitely sets the standard very high. Great visuals need great sounds and for that, you need speakers which can produce them. Recommended speakers are Harmon Kardon, a brand that enthralled the world for decades. For TVs, their speakers produce a sound of foremost quality and are currently in great demand.


For recommendation, you can go for iFFalcon’s H2A series which has all the above features including a 4K display with HDR Pro (a technology which is more like an experience) and reasonable prices at various e-commerce portals.