A Complete Guide To Purchase The QLED TV





Got a promotion or moving into a new house; there could be multiple reasons for you getting an upgrade on your current TV. While you would have made up your mind to purchase a QLED TV after getting impressed by its one or two features or maybe by the recommendations of your friends. However, there is so much more to QLED TVs than just having super picture quality.


First Things First- What is QLED?


QLED TV is basically a Quantum dot-based display technology TV, and it is this technology that makes it stand apart from the conventional TVs existing in the market.

Now, the question arises : what is Quantum dot?

In the TV technology, quantum dots stand for ultra-fine semiconductor materials of nanoscale size. These dots are the reason behind the different colours of light produced by the TV depending on the size of the particle- the larger the size the red colour, and the smaller the size, the more the blue colour. These dots are capable of emitting the precise coloured light because particle sizes adjust at quantum-level velocities, giving accurate and efficient light emissions. In fact, the efficiency of light emission actually defines the tremendous shift in the overall picture quality.


What is so special about QLED TV?


QLED TVs have the benefit of many unique characteristics unseen in its contemporaries till date. One of those characteristics is high luminance. Luminance refers to the intensity of brightness on the screen. Also, this brightness is a deciding factor in controlling other elements for a great picture quality.

Firstly, the contrast ratio is instantly improved when accompanied by higher brightness. Also, what we know as HDR i.e High Dynamic Range is defined by the wide expression of bright and dark images. HDR is an important component of picture quality and it is enhanced when accompanied by higher brightness further rendering rich images.

This altogether has a huge effect on the colour quality of the TV too. For instance in the red colour spectrum there is a huge range between dark and bright reds. However QLED TVs express this colour fantastically. Along with this there are other unique features owned by QLED TVs like Direct Full Array that provides a stunning picture quality and more lively viewing experience as compared to other non-QLED TVs.


Why Should You Get A QLED TV?


After CRT TVs moved out of our lives, we were presented with new display technologies that not only enhanced our viewing experience but also suited our fashionable lifestyles.

We have come a long way from the earliest flat screen like plasma or CCFL-backlit panels.As soon as these went out of market, we got OLED, QLED and LED as the leading TV dispaly technology.

Now between highly priced OLED TVs and average performing LED TVs, QLED TVs stand as a feasible and better option. They stand pretty much closer to LED TVs in terms of actual technology and the hardware involved but in terms of picture quality they are even much better than the QLED TVs. They undoubtedly offer better colour and brightness. So, between these two you can always go for QLED TVs. You should definitely check out the QLED TV offered by iFFALCON, they are definitely a class apart.


Things to look for in a QLED TV:


It is a great feeling to purchase a new appliance for your home especially when it is something related to your entertainment.

Before purchasing any TV let alone a QLED TV, you should always keep in mind two things most importantly i.e the space where you are going to put your TV and the reason you are buying the TV.

As QLED TVs come with a No-Gap wall mount feature, you can always save yourself from wasting a lot of space in setting up the TV.

You should always focus on the distance between your seating area and TV to decide upon the size of the screen. A QLED TV above 65’’ should be ideally purchased if you have plenty of space between the seating area and TVs. To experience the ‘ Ultra Viewing Angle’, QLED TV greater than 55’’ is preferable.

Now comes the purpose of making a purchase of a QLED TV. If you are planning to use this TV for gaming purposes, then truth be told its HDR feature might lack in the game mode but its HDMI 2.1 and variable refresh rate (VRR) gives you an unforgettable gaming experience.

Nonetheless, there are many features other than its size, Hands-free voice control, 4K HDR, Dolby Vision and Atmos, Google Assistant and wide colour gamut to look for in a QLED TV.


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