How To Hook Up Your QLED TV?





It was only a few years ago that any technological device had wires as an integral part of them. But as time passed, we had almost every gadget with wireless technology. Wireless technology makes entertainment hassle-free and assures safety at home. However, one of the most prominent challenges with wireless technology is the frequent need for power but with the help of almost everything being streamed online, even this challenge has been tackled fairly well.


Anyhow, the struggle to set your brand new TV for the best sound & vision quality is real. Multiple ports, wires, and their guide all seem to be making fun of our skills and knowledge. Then, after the struggle of hours, if you have managed to put all the wires in the correct ports, the ordeal to remember it for later arises. Even if you have succeeded in doing all this, let's not forget the daunting task of almost impossible to clean the dust mounted upon the TV’s behind.


However, QLED TV’s wireless connectivity makes it all easier for you to set up the TV without much fuss. Moreover, there are days when you would want to watch your favourite show on the bigger screen or just would like to revisit your memories of your phone gallery or you are just too lazy to work on your laptop hence would like to do both of it on your TV.


QLED TV makes connecting devices easy not only with its built-in Chromecast feature. It makes you able to push any content from your phone, laptop, or tablet directly to your QLED TV.


A QLED TV makes it easy for you to set it up fast and enjoy seamless entertainment. iFFALCON’s QLED TVs are undoubtedly the best ones in the current times with its wi-fi connectivity, multiple features, and top-notch quality. If you are looking for a QLED TV, iFFALCON is a must-buy as they have all the modern day features.


How to connect your Mobile to QLED TV?


Imagine returning from a beautiful vacation or coming home after getting rewarded for achievement or attending a gorgeous wedding with magnificent pictures on your phone. You would want to share those moments with loved ones on a bigger screen for them to enjoy the moment better. At this point, the wireless connectivity feature of your TV comes in handy.


Connecting your phone to your QLED TV is as easy as making a call. It is the easiest way of sharing content on a bigger screen for more people to enjoy it with you or for revisiting your memories through your photo gallery on a bigger screen with your loved one and that too through wireless connectivity. You can just push any content off from your mobile to TV in seconds with the MagiConnect app available for both android and ios phones. Also, most QLED TVs come with built-in Chromecast features for you to easily connect any device to your TV and enjoy the entertainment without any worries of wires. Also, it gives you a sense of relief from anybody peeking into your phone and might be getting their hand on something you would want to keep a secret from them.


How to connect your Laptop to QLED TV?


After phones, it is generally a laptop that people tend to spend the most time with. Given their professional usability in almost all professions, laptops have become a common medium of storing information for many.


And, for days when you would like to move past the small screen of laptops to QLED TVs bigger & better screen with all the necessary content in your laptop, you just need to connect it with your TV. Also, there could be days when you are enjoying your favourite movie with your loved ones on a beautiful day. But suddenly an office call disturbs and requires a quick change in the presentation made by you previously. You wouldn't want to go through the hassle of shifting your view instantly to a smaller screen and spend your time on a laptop. On those days just connect your laptop with your TV easily. Just have both your TV and laptop connected to the same wi-fi and cast your laptop on the TV.


Wireless connectivity of devices not only aids our ease of watching the connection but also saves us from the hassle of so many wires and their regular requirement of uncoiling & cleaning. Too many wires also increase the risk of getting shocked or forgetting the exact port to plug the wire’s end, or the messiness brought by these wires.


Through wireless connectivity, it has become a cakewalk in today’s time to enjoy entertainment from anywhere or any device on your TV.


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