Top 4 Things for TV Display that truly make it Ultra-Modern





The television market thrives on immense cutthroat competition. In the last couple of years so much has been introduced in the world of television that at times, it’s hard to keep track of every new development that is being made. Especially when we talk about the display, the level of producing finer images with minute detailing has become nothing short of brilliant. Whether it’s the screen resolution or brightness and contrast levels, there are many interesting new turns that truly make watching television a joyous moment. But do you know what are the things you, as a consumer should be knowing? Well, the following information will briefly explain the five features you should watch out for before gifting yourself with a new smart TV set.


4K Resolution


The era of 1080 or FHD is gone for good since its successor is miles ahead in terms of screen resolution. 4K is one of the most popular horizontal display resolution categories in today’s time. Acute detailing is the foremost virtue of a 4K TV. Whether it’s a dewdrop on a leaf or particles of dust rising from the passing of a bike, everything will be crystal clear on the screen. In comparison to other screen resolutions, it’s more immersive, has a better colour handling and gives a cinematic thrill that makes you wonder with awe.




HDR or High Definition Range is a rage among geeks, and many high-end televisions (and smartphones) use this feature for image enhancement. The prowess of HDR enables the imagery to be more lifelike with the help of a wider colour palette. It helps the display with better contrast and superb brightness levels that result in absolute dynamism of the produced picture. The HDR 10 version allows the TV to control its brightness levels scene-by-scene/frame-by-frame basis. In Non-HDR TVs, the details are lost in the brighter and darker area whereas, due to the feature, all such details are carefully preserved. The colours produced are so real that it’ll be hard to believe that you’re watching television.




Micro-dimming illustrates how intelligent television can get. It specialises in analysing each and every frame (of the motion picture) in probably hundreds of areas and adjusts the brightness and the darkness of those areas to display the perfect content. Your eyes do not have to struggle/adjust as the pictures are independently optimised. Since the picture is enhanced, it affects the detailing also which, undoubtedly, is terrific. One great aspect of micro-dimming is that it amends the fuzzy lines forming in the screen, that’s why you get such amazing clarity.


iPQ Engine


The iPQ engine or iPQ picture engine is a widely discussed phenomenon by tech-experts as it is an amazing example of innovation in the field of technology. It leads to precise colour reproduction. The iPQ engine follows its own DCI-P3 colour space which has a wider range than the standard sRGB. That’s why TVs with this technology show better-coloured pictures than its counterparts without the iPQ. Too many colours might incite the fear of oversaturation but don’t you worry, this remarkable feature doesn’t create any such problem at all.


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Now that you’re aware of the best TV display specifications you need in today’s time, it’s easier for you to buy yourself a TV set. Do personally check those features out yourself and then spend your precious money. Meanwhile, you can browse through iFFALCON’s stunning range of ultra-modern televisions that can make your life simpler and more modernised.