Understanding Hands-free Voice Control and Its Advantages




Android’s voice control genie is here and we call it the Voice Assistant. It empowers you to control all your iFFALCON smart devices with just your voice command. The Google Voice Assistant enabled iFFALCON smart TVs, allows you to take your productivity to the next level. From controlling your TV to set reminders, hands-free voice control enables you to access and control everything that’s powered by Android. The hands-free voice control can be a true time-saver and efficiency enhancer in the right situation. The hands-free voice control in iFFALCON smart TVs has excelled over the years and today there is very little that you can’t do with your voice command. Hands-free voice control is technically an accessibility feature that can be exceptionally useful for anyone. This blog will help you understand the advantages and benefits of hands-free voice control in iFFALCON TVs.

Why Should I Get iFFALCON TV with Voice Assistant?

The main benefit of iFFALCON voice-controlled TV is speed. With so many streaming services available the list of content available to watch on the TV is endless. It can be a real hassle for the viewers to toggle between apps to find their favourite program. With the iFFALCON TVs, you can now use the hands-free voice control feature and straight away start watching your favourite show. Hands-free is a convenient feature that allows you to use your voice and condense loads of buttons into one spoken command.


Let’s Explore Some Newfound Superpowers of Your iFFALCON TV

• Convenience

Hands-free voice control can be faster than physically pressing the buttons of the remote and trying to toggle between the apps. The convenience of being hands-free when the device isn’t within your reach or when you are busy with other chores is a big advantage. With the iFFALCON, hands-free voice-controlled TVs the users can use their voice command to keep a track of multiple things from their calendar to routine to their to-do list.

• Connecting Devices

Installing smart devices with built-in voice control or devices that integrate with the other voice-controlled devices can help enhance how your home responds. With the iFFALCON 4K smart TV you can now control things like light, AC, curtains and many other smart devices of your home with just your voice command. You can also make your TV the centre of your home by integrating all other smart devices into your iFFALCON smart TV and controlling them through your TV. The best thing about hands-free voice control is that it can ultimately help save energy and cut down on your monthly bills.

• Personalization

iFFALCON hands-free voice-controlled TVs are capable of remembering and recollecting the information based on our past commands. The TV is enabled to display recommendations based on the previous shows that you have watched. With the help of voice commands, you can easily ask the TV to start your favourite show from where you had left. You can also ask Google to display weather forecast for particular state, city or even locality.

• Accessibility

Voice control empowers differently-abled people and those who are not that comfortable using the technology to enjoy their favourite shows without any hassle. They can use their voice commands to complete the desired task.

Reasons Why You Need iFFALCON Hands-Free Voice-Controlled TV?  

• No Need to Remember Channel Numbers

The good news about iFFALCON voice-controlled smart TVs is that you don’t have to remember the channel numbers. All you need to do is command your TV, “Hey Google, Turn on the travel channel”. The hands-free voice control feature in the latest iFFALCON 4K Smart TV listens to your actual commands without the use of a remote.

• Broadens Your Search

If you are bad at remembering specific things then using a conventional TV might have been a hassle for you. But now with the latest technology of the iFFALCON smart TVs life will be easy. If you had to leave an interesting show featuring your favourite superstar in between due to some other commitments and you wish to resume watching it but you don’t remember the name, then no worries. All you need to do is say, “Hey Google, find Ranveer Singh movies”.

• Improved Mornings

Your iFFALCON TV can make your mornings better!! Don’t believe this?? With the iFFALCON, hands-free voice-controlled TV you can now command your TV to switch on the lights, unfold the blinds and much more. You can also replace the boring alarms and wake up to some of your favourite songs. You can also try saying “Hey Google, Play Zumba Video for beginners”, and give your mornings an energized start with some Zumba session.

The Bottom Line

Most of us these days have TVs or devices featuring hands-free voice control features, but we fail to take full advantage of the device and the facility. If you too would like to buy an all-new iFFALCON hands-free voice-controlled TV you can shop for it online and enhance your lifestyle.

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