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Washing Machine Buying Guide: Know What to Look For in Your Washing Machine
七月 29, 2021

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Washing machines have become almost indispensable in current times. It not only saves our time and efforts but also saves our clothes from the harsh conventional methods. Although it has added immensely to our comfort and ease, it is not one of those products that can be purchased one after another.

Washing machines fall on the slightly higher side of price so we always intend to buy a product that is fault-free, suits our needs and comes up with instant service.

Earlier, washing machines were just purchased on the basis of only one factor i.e if they are fully automatic or semi-automatic. But as time evolved our washing machines got technologically evolved too. Now there are features for specific fabrics, technological terms that might sound alien to you, and much more.

To help you out with all of it, we have compiled a list of things that you should check while purchasing your washing machine that befits all your needs, budget, and other requirements.

So here are a few things to check before you purchase your washing machine to make your shopping experience faster and more efficient.

1) The type of washing machine:

Hands down this is the most important thing to consider while buying your washing machine. Since there are two washing machines available based on the washing technology

There are two types of washing machines available today: fully automatic and semi-automatic.

The most basic difference between the two is that a semi-automatic machine comes with two tubs. One for washing and another one for drying. This machine requires human assistance to put the clean laundry in the drying tub from the cleaning tub. While in the automatic machines this is both drying and cleaning is done in just one tub hence requires minimal human assistance.

So, if you are someone who would prefer a semi-automatic machine here are few features of a semi-automatic machine that you should know-

- You can pause the machine and scrub off the dirt from your clothes
- It consumes less power
- It consumes more water as its water requirement is decided as per the clothes load.
- It creates more noise
- They occupy more space
- They take more time and energy to clean the same load of clothes
- However, a fully automatic washing machine has the following mind-blowing features
- They have flexible wash cycles as per the laundry load and type of the fabrics
- They consume less water
- They make less noise
- They occupy less space
- They are highly durable

2) Type of lid position:

Another type of washing machine based upon the position of the lid of the tub is the front load. It is the placement of doors in washing machines that makes them front load machines. In front load washing machines you have to put clothes from the front.

Other specifications about these two types you should know are as follows:

a. Structure: Front loaders do not have agitator-type drums and ensure you get sensitive care for your sensitive fabric.
b. Energy consumption: Since front loaders can wash more clothes in one cycle they consume less power. Front loaders occupy less space as they are stackable.
c. Water consumption- Front-loaders consume less water as they have an efficient cleaning process of rubbing the clothes against the detergent and drum against gravity.

Key features of iFFALCON’s washing machine:
- Hot water wash up to 95 degrees celsius
- Dual-detergent case
- Honeycomb crystal design-drum
- Auto-drum clean technology
- Auto error diagnosis
- Energy efficient

3) Size and capacity:

It is again an extremely important factor to consider while making a purchase. You should be very clear about the type of clothes you are going to wash in the washing machine. Also, you should be clear on the frequency of usage of hours your machine is going to be put at use.

The capacity of your machine can vary anything between 5-10 kg per cycle. It is the weight of the clothes your machine can bear during a wash cycle. You should purchase a higher capacity machine if you are going to frequently wash curtains, sheets, or upholstery in your washing machine and if it is going to be used for regular use then purchase a washing with lesser capacity.

4) Material of the washing machine’s tub:

You should always look for machines with stainless steel tubs for their high durability and effective cleaning. They are more energy-efficient, stronger than plastic tubs, and can tolerate high spin speed.

iFFALCON’s washing machine comes loaded with all the modern features and is extremely budget-friendly. So, if you are considering buying a new washing machine, you must check out iFFALCON’s washing machines. They have an advanced technology washing machine that can give hot water wash up to 95 degrees celsius to wash your clothes perfectly. iFFALCON’s washing machine comes with a dual-detergent case and has a honeycomb crystal design-drum for sensitive care of your fabrics. It also has auto-drum clean technology & auto error diagnosis . All these features make iFFALCON’s washing machines extremely user friendly and energy efficient.
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