Semi-Automatic Or Fully Automatic: Which Is The Best One To Buy?




Washing machines have become an absolute necessity in a human being’s life in current times. With the help of these washing machines, one can save a lot of time and effort that goes into washing clothes with bare hands. As with any other electronic appliances, washing machines also have a lot of variants among themselves. Some brands manufacture washing based upon particular needs or with upgraded technological innovations.

Nevertheless, as a smart consumer of today, it is important to understand the difference between leading technologies, product types, their pros and cons. After understanding all these things about the washing machines or for that matter for any appliance, you can make an informed decision and purchase a product that suits your needs and all the other factors. There exist two types of washing machines broadly based on their requirement of human assistance: semi-automatic and fully-automatic washing machines.

Semi-automatic washing machines are the ones that have two separate tubs to clean and dry the clothes respectively while fully automatic washing machines clean & dry the clothes in only one tub.

There are various variants of these washing machines keeping in mind different types of consumers and their needs. However, iFFALCON’s fully automatic washing machine is the perfect choice for anybody who is looking for a washing machine that can clean the laundry effectively with features like auto drum clean, 95-degree hot water wash, and much more.


Which One Should You Buy & Why?


To make an informed decision you need to know these two categories and their features in detail.


Fully Automatic Washing Machine-


The evolution of appliances with life was eventual. As people are getting busier in their lives on a day to day basis due to many reasons. They have almost no or very little time to spend on cleaning clothes in semi-automatic machines.

You can just put it in your laundry and take it out only for line drying. It requires almost no manpower to run it or supervise its actions. Further, these washing machines are available as front load and top load.

In front load fully automatic machines, you have an extra edge to stack a dryer and save a lot of space along with getting absolutely cupboard dry clothes. They consume less water and energy. Through their cleaning action against the drum, they save a lot on water and hence require less energy to clean an equal amount of load. While in the top loader machine there is an agitator type of design that has the possibility to catch lint or fibers while washing the clothes. This results in causing damage to your sensitive fabric.

However, in front load fully automatic washing machines there are particular washing programs for particular fabrics. All these features help a user in protecting their clothes while saving a lot on electricity bills and water bills.

A fully automatic front loader washing also makes extremely little noise and occupies less space in the house. Whereas top loaders full automatic can not stack dryers due to their design, they take more space in your house. As space is the hottest commodity in the present times, its compact size and features make it worthwhile for any user.

So, if you are someone with an extremely busy lifestyle or someone who has no time to shift clothes from the washing tub to the drying tub after every wash, you should definitely get a fully automatic washing machine and for the best results, you should get a front-load fully automatic washing machine from iFFALCON.


Semi-Automatic Washing Machines-


Well as the name suggests, these washing machines require both humanitarian assistance and features of washing machines to give clean laundry.

These washing machines require one to shift clothes from the cleaning tub to the drying tub after the cleaning action has been completed.

Not just that, one needs to fill the water level before every wash cycle and drain after each wash cycle. This is just not tiring but also very time-consuming.

Also, they do not come with specific fabric-based washing programs hence there is a possibility of your fabrics getting damaged during the wash cycle. There might be days when you would want your clothes to get cleaned in a very less amount of time and on those days semi-automatic machines almost feel inefficient as they take a lot of time to clean the laundry as compared to the fully automatic ones.

These machines require more water to clean the laundry and a lot of water gets wasted in the process. Adding up to your trouble due to washing action they require more energy to perform and hence cause an increase in your electricity bill. They occupy more space and create more noise while washing.

Hence, as a smart consumer, you should prefer buying a fully automatic washing machine. Specifically, it should front loaders given their long list of benefits. And, iFFALCON’s front load fully automatic washing machine should be your go to choice!

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