Front Load Or Top Load: Which Washing Machine You Should Buy?


Front Load Or Top Load: Which Washing Machine You Should Buy



It's 2021 and no one really has time to do the laundry in the conventional way of using the bucket and soap. Washing machines have become an absolute must in any household. Given the fast lifestyle we have as of today, our washing machines have also evolved so much technologically that we can get super fresh clothes at the tap of just one button. However, we are all aware of two types of washing machines in terms of lid placement i.e if it is on the front or the top. These two are front-loading washing machines and top-loading washing machines. With time, front-loading washers have become quite popular for their efficiency and price sensitivity as compared to the best-performing top loaders. So here is a detailed differentiation between front loaders and the top loaders for you to understand the benefits of front loaders over top loaders.


How is Front loader better than Top loader:


Front-loaders are undoubtedly better than the top loaders and here are top four reasons to support that:


1. Front-loaders are better at cleaning:


As compared to top loaders, front loaders remove more dirt from the top loaders. Front-loaders tend to clean the stains better than the top loaders as top loaders can get rougher with the clothes, especially if it is overloaded. Also, top loaders have great difficulty in cleaning large items like curtains, comforters, or others as they won't fully immerse in the water.


Hence, in terms of cleaning, it is the front loaders that take the cake away without any doubt. Front-loaders clean better because the wash motion is more effective. It puts detergents (chemical action), water temperature (thermal action), and the movement of the washers (mechanical motion) to the best use with its tumbling action. With the help of gravity, front loaders knock clothes against each other, scrub themselves against the abrasive elements in the detergent, and the features of the drum or washtub all with more energy than the twisting motion of a top-loader.


2. Front-loaders save more water:


Front-loaders tend to use a lesser amount of water than the top-loaders. This difference becomes evident when compared with age-old top-loaders models like agitators. However, this difference remains extremely noteworthy when compared with even modern-day’s best top-loaders too.


This difference or rather to say the advantage of front loaders could be owed to its design. They might use less water because the rotation of the drum drags the clothes through the shallow pool of detergent-water solution whereas top loaders need a deeper pool for ensuring that clothes are 100% drenched during the wash cycle.


3. Front-loaders save more energy as well:


As we know now, front loaders require less amount of water, they also throw more water out of your clothes and lessen the drying time. They make a huge impact when a hot wash cycle is to be used as they use less water in the wash cycle, they draw less water from the heater hence save energy.


4. Front-loaders can be stacked easily:


Space is the hottest commodity nowadays. Everybody wants to have the convenience of a washing machine but giving too much space to it. And, these front-loaders allow us to stack dryers above them and save a lot of space.


Why You Should Get A iFFALCON Front loader Washing Machine:


It has been established by now that front loader washing machines are better than top loader washing machines on the major factors. So, if you are about to make a purchasing decision you should definitely get a front loader machine and that too from iFFALCON.


The front loader washing machine from iFFALCON has features likes:


1) 95-degree Celsius Hot Water Wash:


It has an inbuilt heater so the temperature can be raised to 95 degrees and provide hot water wash. This helps in sterilizing your clothes and providing a hygienic wash every time.

2) Auto drum Clean:


It is the technology that keeps your front load washers fresh without using any harsh chemicals. Auto Drum Clean redefines the consumer’s convenience and keeps your machine hygienically clean.


3) Honeycomb Crystal Drum:


It has a honeycomb crystal drum that protects your clothes from damage effectively. This unique design ashes clothes effectively and treats them with extreme care. Its smooth, diamond-shaped ridges are extremely gentle on even the most delicate items while cleaning.

4) Digital Display & Auto Error Diagnosis:


It can diagnose the error in the wash cycle or machine and display it on the digital display. This feature makes it an extremely user-friendly machine as the user can analyse the error and rectify it after seeing it on the digital display.


5) Highly Energy Efficient:


It has an ERP A+++ rating that denotes the energy efficiency of the washing machine as it saves not only energy but also water.

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