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Top 5 Reasons Why Inverter AC Is A Better Choice



The unbearable heat of sunny days and humidity during monsoon, makes us feel extremely uncomfortable. Basically, every living body needs a temperature for optimum functioning of the body. And, in summer places where temperature breaks the mercury often, the human body perspires a lot and in turn, feels more lethargic than usual.

In such cases, Air Conditioners hold extremely high importance in maintaining optimum temperature ensuring a comfortable environment for anybody to thrive in.

An Air Conditioner by the virtue of it becomes indispensable in summers. However, Air Conditioners have technologically advanced in the last few years. From the earliest ones that were designed to control the humidity more than the temperature to the ones we have today that can provide ambient cooling at the temperature of 60 degrees Celsius.

Given all these technological advancements in the Air Conditioners, as a consumer of today, we also have a choice between inverter AC and non-inverter AC. It is important for us to know the difference between the two before making a purchase decision.

There is a major difference between the inverter air conditioner and non-inverter air conditioners, that most people remain unaware about. The difference lies in the type of compressor technology. We all know that a compressor's work is to compress and expand the refrigerant liquid to provide cooling for the incoming air. Basically, inverter air conditioners can regulate the speed of their compressor speed.

Moreover, there are many other differences between the inverter air conditioners and non-inverter air conditioners that make the former one a better choice. Here are those differences:




The biggest difference between these two arising due to different compressor technology is the control over the speed.

Inverter air conditioners have a variable speed compressor which allows controlled operation of the compressor according to the need, so as to regulate the air conditioner's temperature. On the other hand, non-inverter air conditioners lack this feature. They have a regular start-stop compressor, which either is switched on or off, to produce the desired cooling effect. Hence it is unable to adjust the speed of the compressor causing lesser energy efficiency and more noise while running.

Given this speed control feature of inverter air conditioners making them obviously an eco-friendlier and energy-efficient choice.


Energy Efficiency:


The energy efficiency of any electronic device is of utmost importance considering the increasing global warming. With better energy-efficient devices we can actually contribute to saving the environment and causing much less damage to it. Given the ability of inverter air conditioners to control the speed of their compressor’s motor, they are actually eco-friendlier options. This feature also enables inverter air conditioners to require lesser electricity hence leading to optimized electricity bills. Hence, inverter air conditioners are economical and eco-friendlier as compared to inverter air conditioners.




In summer, peace is a must. The heat becomes unbearable and in the moments when we seek a little peace in our rooms or offices cooled down by the air conditioners, we definitely would not want to be troubled by the noise created by the air conditioners’ units.

Nonetheless, inverter air conditioners are extremely quiet during their operation. Unlike non-inverter air conditioners, they do not immediately switch on or off as they reach a set temperature. Inverter air conditioners can adjust the temperature constantly producing absolutely no or extremely little noise. Hence, it is hands down a better choice!




Air conditioners are one of the few electronic devices that we do not purchase like every other day. We generally pay attention to all the features, our requirements, and of course our budget while making a purchase.

Although, inverter air conditioners are a bit higher on the pricey side as compared to non-inverter air conditioners. However, it is an intelligent investment to make in the present to keep ourselves away from the troubles that may arise due to non-inverter air conditioners in the future.

Hence it is advisable to always invest in better air conditioners i.e in the inverter air conditioners, in the present to always stay in a calm, comfortable and safe environment.


Quality of the air:

We tend to always be in a quiet, comfortable, and safe environment. It is of utmost importance that we pay attention to the quality of the air emitted by the air conditioners. Though the quality depends upon many other factors, The quality of the air emitted by the air conditioners depends on many other factors but a good inverter air conditioner uses less power to provide effective cooling and generally uses a refrigerant high -quality that emits safe air for us to breathe. iFFALCON has the best inverter air conditioners with all the modern-day features. If you are considering buying a new & great inverter air conditioner, you must check out their products.

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