iFFALCON K72 Making Smart Video Calling Better and Bigger




The past two years have not been easy for anyone, but technological advancement has made life somewhat simpler. Features like video calling have become an indispensable tool. People have now become accustomed to connecting virtually through video calls. Video calls are an immersive way to connect with friends, family, and loved ones. It is also an opportunity to get in touch with your office colleagues and the team even when miles apart. However, long hours of online meetings cause mental fatigue and also impact our vision and overall health. Using the right device with a larger screen size can certainly elevate this problem. One of the leading global televisions manufacturing brands iFFALCON has come up with their new range of TVs that come with an integrated video calling feature. The all-new iFFALCON K72 will create a better online meeting experience and will also make online meetings more engaging and enjoyable.

No one even in their wildest dreams would have ever thought that TVs can also be used for activities like video calling, gaming or for controlling other smart devices of the house. But at iFFALCON, we have made this happen. The all-new iFFALCON K72 not only supports video calling but also comes packed with other amazing features like AIPQ Engine, MEMC, Hands-Free Voice Control, Dolby Vision, Dolby ATMOS, HDMI 2.1 and more. Let us explore this new world of entertainment and connectivity.


Move to Big Screen for Video Calls


With the iFFALCON K72, you can now easily make Highest Quality video calls through your TV via the Google Duo app without requiring any additional gadgets. This gives you the flexibility to convert your hall to a personal conference room. Taking meetings, interacting with the team and clients on a larger screen is much more convenient and soothing. With the help of the video calling feature, you can also connect with your loved ones across the continent and make your family meetings more engaging and enjoyable. The TV comes with a magnetically affixed camera that will help you stay connected always.


An Immersive Audio Experience


Take an evening tea break from work and groove to the tunes of some relaxing music. The iFFALCON K72 featuring Dolby ATMOS ensures that you enjoy an immersive audio experience without any lag. It also allows you to feel a stronger connection to the content that you are watching.


Enjoyable Weekends


The iFFALCON K72 will make your weekends more enjoyable. You can either choose to enjoy a personalized movie night with your loved one or you can spend time with your family and indulge in binge-watching some of the latest series. You can also plan to spend the weekend with your friends playing popular games on your TV. The device sports a plethora of gaming and cinematic features like MEMC for smoother visual transition, HDMI 2.1 for better connectivity, Dolby Vision HDR for incredible colour, contrast and brightness, AIPQ Engine for faster and powerful processing.


Ultimate Work from Home Experience


As mentioned above the iFFALCON K72 comes with a lot of features to make your work life easier and convenient, but as the saying goes that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy so our latest range of smart TV comes with a world full of entertainment. It allows you access to numerous online content in one go. The TV comes with a dedicated interface that is designed in a way that displays your favourite content first followed by the recommendations, basis your interest. So you can now easily watch your desired content without wasting time hunting for it over the internet.


Connectivity at its Best

The iFFALCON K72 promises to offer better connectivity, entertainment and user experience. The Magi Connect allows you to easily stream your mobile content on your TV. The device also helps you manage your daily task and calendar by giving you the flexibility to set reminders. You can also access your Google photo album on your TV and relive your favourite memories time and again. The dual-band supported Wi-Fi ensures faster and more stable streaming.


Upgrade to the Latest OS

Android TVs have been in the market for quite some time now and most of the consumers are very well aware about the power of Android. The best thing about iFFALCON K72 is that it is India’s first television that uses the latest version of the Android that is Android(R) 11. Using the latest version of the OS itself means that the TV is not only more powerful but is also way ahead than the other in the market in terms of technology.

Now, if you are thinking that all of this put when put together in one single device would burn a hole in your pocket, then you are wrong. The iFFALCON K72 features all of this and also comes at an affordable price point. So, what are you waiting for, upgrade to this new Smart TV and experience a new world of entertainment.

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