Founded on July 26th, 2017 in Shenzhen, iFFALCON Technology is responsible for the operations of global smart TV platforms of TCL Multimedia and its subsidiary companies. It is also engaged in the design, production, manufacture and sales of smart TVs with iFFalcon, iFFalcon or other new brands.


Simple joy, Simple love. This is our brand slogan. Our vision is to provide consumers the ultimate experience of products and services of family digital entertainment to make their life better and more simplified.


The company was formerly the TV+ Business Centre of TCL Multimedia. Relying on the strong capabilities of capital, research and development, and global supply chain of TCL, we have prominent competitive edges in hardware, technology and services. In July 2017, the Chinese internet giant Tencent became the second largest Major Shareholder of iFFalcon. In February 2018, South New Media became another Major Shareholder by attaining shares assigned by TCL.


Our global operation businesses include videos, applications, games, music, TV shopping, app store and content copyrights and have covered 135 countries in 6 continents globally. We have built up business partnerships with key players in the internet and OTT industry like Tencent, Alibaba and Google. We have established business cooperation with many premium global content providers like Netflix, YouTube, Gameloft and Spotify. There are a lot of business discussions going on and there will be a lot more partners to join our content pool very soon.


This is iFFalcon Technology. Simple joy, Simple love.