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5 Things to consider while buying a washing machine



We love the clothes we wear. Everything it involves, right from design, style, fabric, stitching, brand etc. represents a part of ourselves. And therefore, we use the best washing machine to wash them and keep them soft, cozy and like new all the time. But with so many options out there, choosing a washing machine has become a difficult task. There are just too many factors to consider - Motor, Temperature, Capacity, Cost, Utilization and so on. Don’t worry, we have got it covered for you. Here are 5 things to consider while buying a washing machine.


1. How should you choose your washing machine?


Well, the answer to this question lies in the fact that what types of clothes fill your wardrobe. Shirts, Jeans, blouses, sarees, dress pants, slacks, suits, blazers, jackets, work out clothes, sleepwear etc., these are just some of the examples. These examples are meant to tell you that your clothes are made up of different fabrics, have different usage and may require different care treatment. Another factor to consider here is the size of your family. A big family will naturally have more clothes to be washed than a small one. What kind of job are you in, is it a field job which requires you to be outside and your clothes get dirty easily? Are you an athlete who works out and whose clothes are drenched with sweat? Depending upon your family size and cloth utilization pattern, you decide your washing machine utilization pattern. For a big family, you may require a heavy duty, 8-10 kg washing machine with a front load feature. For a small family, a 5 kg top loading feature washing machine may be enough. It all depends upon your utilization pattern.


2. What features to look for in your washing machine?


Not all washing machines have temperature settings. Washing clothes with hot water helps to kill bacteria and other diseases causing germs. So, temperature settings is one of the features you should look for when buying a washing machine. It sterilizes your clothes, removes bad odour and keeps the integrity of the fabric intact. After all, a germ free cloth is one less thing to worry about, especially in the current scenario of COVID-19 pandemic. You should also look for different wash programs, as they will help you take care of your clothes according to their fabric and design. A blanket might need a hard wash, whereas a cotton shirt requires delicate washing. Bubble wash, presoak settings, RPM choice are some of the other features you should look for in your washing machine for a hassle-free washing experience.


3. The motor technology in your washing machine


Traditional washing machines use brush motors which are equipped with copper wires on the rotor. They act as electromagnets. They are powered by sliding brushes or graphite sticks that press and activate the contacts mounted on the engine shaft. This sliding mechanism is the reason why you hear a whirring noise and vibration. They are also prone to wear and tear. But, they come cheap. On the other hand, the inverter motor creates less noise as it doesn’t have any brushes involved in the mechanism, and therefore less vibrations. They also do not contain mechanical clutches, so they are less prone to wear and tear and tend to last longer.


4. Washing machine capacity


Deciding upon the capacity of your new washing machine can be tricky. Washing machines usually come in three sizes - 5kgs, 7kgs and 10 kgs. If you have a family of 2, a 5 kg capacity washing machine will fulfill your needs. You can wash 2 shirts, 2 trousers, 1 bed sheet, 2 towels and 2 pillowcases at the same time. But then again, you never wash your delicate clothes and bedsheets together. But this simple mathematics gives you a comprehensive idea about how many clothing items you can wash in a 5 kg washing machine. Similarly, for a family of 4, a 7 kg capacity washing machine might prove to be enough. But then again, if your washing frequency is high, a 5 kg washing machine may also do the job. A 10 kg capacity washing machine is required by larger families.


5. Do you need a washing machine that enables cost saving?


If the answer is yes, then analyse the whole article and look for the best washing machine you can choose according to your budget and requirements. A small 5 kg washing machine might help in cost saving in the short run, but you might end up spending more on electricity. A traditional motor washing machine might help in cost saving, but you may end up spending more on its repair.


If you keep all of these points in consideration, you will get the best washing machine according to your needs. iFFALCON washing machine with its Honeycomb crystal drums, auto drum clean technology and auto error diagnosis and 95 degree hot water wash technology is designed to give you a perfect washing experience. Subscribe to our blog and enjoy washing your clothes with the all new iFFALCON washing machine.


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