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7 Most Typical Air Conditioner Problems & Their Easy Solutions
七月 01, 2021

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Air Conditioners are an essential part of our lives. In the areas where temperatures get too low or too high in winter or the summer season respectively, an efficient air conditioner is a must.

As important as Air Conditioners are, we often tend to overlook its regular maintenance requirement and find ourselves in the middle of a crisis when it stops working efficiently or working at all.

In summers, Air Conditioners almost become indispensable. We require Air Conditioners while sleeping, working in the office or shopping in malls. So, it would be smart to take care of our Air Conditioners to prevent or avoid little things hampering their overall efficiency.

Moreover, if you are vigilant enough, you can catch early signs of rising issues with your Air Conditioners and save yourself from the hassle of fixing them.

Here are the 7 most typical Air Conditioners problem and ways to fix them:

Your AC could just check your patience with faulty remote batteries or not cooling enough or unwanted leakage and this all can lead to increased electricity bills & your stress.

1. Faulty Remote:

Whenever you face a few problems with your AC, always go for checking the batteries. replace the old batteries with new ones and check if it works. Also, you should check that in case the IR of the remote is covered. And, if it does not solve the problem, then call for professional help.

2. Inefficient cooling by the AC:

This is perhaps the most common AC problem that arises usually when you need AC the most. However, there could be multiple reasons keeping your AC from cooling properly. It could be clogged air filters. You can easily clean the filters with warm water and reinstall them back.

Another reason for inefficient cooling could be the wrong AC mode, which you can easily correct by switching to cooling mode and then setting the preferred temperature. Temperature. Also, a lot of people tend not to pay attention to the outdoor unit. However, the outdoor unit also collects dust over a period of time and is sometimes responsible for the inefficient cooling of the AC. You can easily clean the outdoor unit by using a wet cloth after turning off the power supply and removing the power socket.

But for issues like low refrigerant amount or faulty motor you would need a professional’s help.

3. Water Leakage:

People often face this problem of water leakage inside their rooms. While this problem could arise due to a clogged condensate drainage pipe, damaged or rusted drain pan, or a condensate pump, these problems can also be fixed. You can clean the drain pipe by using a vacuum cleaner after disconnecting it from the main unit and draining all the water. Also, it is advisable to look for professional help in case of inexperience in cleaning the drain pipe.

4. High Electricity Bill:

If you are seeing an unexpected surge in electricity bills, it could be due to insufficient insulation. Make sure that the room with AC should have proper insulation and even if this issue persists, take professional help.

Also always ensure that your Air Conditioners are often maintained and cleaned at regular intervals to avoid any accumulation of dust or debris in the units or clogging of pipes.

5. Unusual Sounds Coming From Air Conditioner:

In case of any humming, buzzing, or banging sound coming from your AC usually depicts different units' issues. However, a little humming sound from your AC might be normal but you should pay close attention to any other sort of noise coming from your AC and get an instant professional to avoid any potential big damage to your AC.

6. AC Switching On & Off Repeatedly:

If you are observing that your Air Conditioner is switching on and off repeatedly, you should not ignore it. This issue with your AC could be due to any electrical problem that needs the attention of a professional immediately. It could also be due to a faulty temperature sensor or the failure of the compressor of the unit. Both of these problems are serious ones and need to be fixed by professionals only.

7. Bad Odour Coming From Your Air Conditioner:

If you feel that your Air Conditioner is emitting a foul and damp odour, you should know that it could be due to dirty air filters or coil. Also, your Air Conditioner could emit an unpleasant odour due to its refrigerant. In the case of foul and damp odour arising due to dirty coils or filters, you can either clean the coil on your own or call the professional. But in case of odour of refrigerant that smells like ether or chloroform and has sweetness, you should always go for the professional help.

Also, if you are looking for a new Air Conditioner with features like auto-restart, rapid cooling, and others, you should definitely check out the iFFALCON's range of technologically advanced Air Conditioners.
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