AC  Charges Remarks 
Copper Pipe 200 Per sq. fit  
Out Door Wall Mount stand 1.5 Ton 600  
Out Door Wall Mount stand 2.0 Ton 1200  
Triangle Stand  1500  
Hanging Stand  1500  
Drain Pipe 60 per meter  
Electrical Wire 75 per meter  
Ziri Cutting  40 per sq. Fit  Minimum Charge 500
Pressure Testing and Nitrogen Flashing 500 Fixed copper pipe
Additional Refrigerant Piping with insulation per RMT 600  
Additional Wiring Extension per RMT 100  
Additional Drain Extension (PVC) per RMT 90  
Fixing Outdoor Unit Stand (Labour only) 200  
Dismantling Charges –  Inverter AC 999