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Your Air Conditioners Need Regular Maintenance: Know Why?
六月 17, 2021

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It's scorchingly hot outside. You have just returned home beating the patience-testing traffic and headache-causing heat sweating profusely. After a relaxing glass of water, only a well-a air-conditioned room satiates your craving for a peaceful & calm time.

But imagine, you return home to a broken AC and there is nothing much you can do at that time rather than waiting for at least 24 hours to get your AC fixed.

However, these unprecedented incidents can always be avoided to the maximum extent with little care and regular maintenance of your AC.
Also from the health’s perspective, you are feeding good food to your body to keep it functioning and ailment-free but you realize that it has been way too dirty and the air that you breathe is being contaminated by it. You are exposing yourself and your loved ones to the danger of breathing moldy air spewed by your uncleaned Air Conditioners. These moulds develop in your Air Conditioners over a period of time and are a strong potential source of causing chronic respiratory diseases along with many other deadly health issues.

It is advised by experts to get your ACs deeply cleansed once every 12 months along with frequent maintenance.

The Secret To Effective & Efficient Cooling Is Regular Maintenance: Just Air Conditioners Things

We all know that our laptops would crash almost every day if we do not upgrade the software or install antivirus software to ensure its smooth working. Or we actually take our cars for their regular servicing on the exact date because they would not just be as smooth with no servicing.

Or let's take the example of the device closest to our hearts i.e Mobile Phones. We all know how much maintenance our phones require every day, from chat backups to regular cleaning, from screen guards to back covers, we do it all to keep our devices with utmost care.

Similarly, our Air Conditioners need regular maintenance to keep them functioning efficiently. People often think, what is with these ACs and why do they require regular cleaning & maintenance if they are not broken and are cooling our homes.

However, if you are regularly clean and maintain your Air Conditioners, you would experience a lot of financial and health benefits. Here’s how:

1) It Avoids Heavy-On-Money Repairs & Replacements:

Not just for Air Conditioners, it is true for almost any gadget that if you force it to work under dirty or damaged conditions it is bound to get broken one day.

The more you let your AC unit accumulate dust or debris over a period of time, the more difficult its cleaning becomes. And, it may lead to failure of complete units or a few parts.

Also, like any other appliances, Air Conditioners are an expensive thing. You just can not replace or repair them like every day. So, it is advisable to clean your AC regularly to avoid huge incur of repairing or replacement costs.

2) It Promotes Improved Air Quality:

We all know that our ACs do much more than just cooling our homes. They are responsible for the quality air that we usually breathe at our homes for they circulate clean cool air at our homes. And, regular cleaning of ACs keeps them free from accumulation of debris and dust for it to always give cool air that is safe & clean for us to breathe.

3) It Lowers Your Electricity Bills:

It is a fact of common knowledge, that in our households, Air Conditioners are usually responsible for a major chunk of electricity bill. And, as we have established till now, a dirty Air Conditioner consumes more electrical energy than usual to perform optimally, as it has to work harder to maintain the normal flow of cool air. It raises the operating costs of the ACs and such ACs to consume 5-25% more electricity. This also reduces the life of your ACs as it has to work harder. You can save yourself from all this just by regularly maintaining your AC and save up a lot of money too.

4) The efficiency of Your Air Conditioners Is Improved:

If you clean your Air Conditioners regularly, it actually allows more efficient cooling as the accumulated dust and debris in the unit gets cleaned. This unwanted dust and debris generally cause stress and pressure on your AC unit by clogging the air filters. These clogged air filters of your Air Conditioners cause the normal flow of the air to impede stressing your ACs to work harder than usual. Along with it, the dust carried by the outside air near your unit gets accumulated on the evaporator coil, impairing its ability to heat. This further causes a huge reduction in the efficiency and cooling of Air Conditioners.

These are only a few reasons from many to always regularly clean and maintain your Air Conditioners.
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