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The Top 5 Tips To Purchase A Perfect Air Conditioner
六月 24, 2021

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Summer has set its strong foot across India. The heatwaves have knocked on our doors and dripping sweat all the time has reconfirmed its presence. The only resort to beat the heat is to keep calm inside out.

In the summers our diet chart includes a lot of coolers like green vegetables, juices, and light food to keep us cool from inside. However, it is still too hot out there when the mercury reaches record high temperatures to live without Air Conditioners.

To maintain the efficient 360 degrees functioning of a human body it is necessary to maintain the outside temperature as well. And, here Air Conditioners come into huge play and give us major relief from the summer.
Nonetheless, Air Conditioners have evolved a lot since the last few years. They come with various new technological features of which not many of you would be aware in detail. Since Air Conditioners are one of the few appliances that usually do not get replaced every year, you need to make a wise decision while getting yourself one.

Here are certain tips to help you purchase a perfect Air Conditioner:

1. Always pay attention to energy efficiency:

If you are searching for an AC that will not cool your home but also be light on your pocket, then you should always go for the ones with higher ratings. It is in your best interest to get the higher ratings as they usually generate less electricity bills.

So, an AC that consumes less power should be your first choice, now how to find the energy efficiency rating?

Usually, all electrical appliances come with a star rating and so does our Air Conditioner. There Air Conditioners in the market with their star ratings ranging from 1 to 5.

An Air Conditioner with a rating of 1 star consumes the most energy and the one with a star rating of 5 consumes the least energy. The rule is higher the star rating, the higher the efficiency, and the lower the electricity bill as compared to the low star rating ones.

However, since there are many types of ACs in the market, you should also know what differs in Inverter Air Conditioners. First of all, inverter Air Conditioners as per many theories and real-life incidents have been found to consume less energy than the Air Conditioners with the conventional cooling system. Hence, the governing body i.e Bureau of Energy Efficiency labels inverter ACs with the star rating on different grounds than the conventional ones.

For example a 3-star Inverter Air Conditioner will consume less energy than a 5 star conventional Air Conditioner.

Hence, it is an important thing to consider while you are purchasing an AC along with the fact that inverter ACs are on a bit higher side than the conventional ones, financially.

2. Size of The AC Determines The Cooling Capacity:

The single most important reason for purchasing an AC is its cooling capacity. While it depends on many other factors too, its size is the most important factor. If by any chance you miss out on this aspect, either your AC will freeze your room unnecessarily or won’t make any difference at all. In simpler terms, for a room of the size 100 to 120 square feet, 1 tonne AC would be sufficient. Going ahead, for a room around 175 ss ft, you should consider purchasing a 1.5 ton AC.

Moreover, there is one more reason to purchase the perfect size AC. If you purchase the right size AC according to the room size, you will use it optimally, and hence you will save a lot on your electricity bill.

3. Pay Closer Attention To The Basic Things Rather Than Fancy Add Ons:

Never purchase an AC for some cool-sounding technological addition in that. Always enquire about their coils and materials used in the AC. For example, copper coils perform better than aluminum coils. Also, check with the manufacturer about the maximum heat bearing capacity of your AC. These are few basic details that you should pay attention to while purchasing your AC

4. Be Cautious About The After Sales Services:

This is one thing that you should consider more than anything else. Generally, all the stores provide after-sales services that are mentioned in their receipt or the documents provided by them. But anyhow, you should discuss in detail each point with the concerned person in the store itself.

Air Conditioners are one of the most complex machines, and getting expert care as and when required should be your top priority. iFFALCON’s is one brand that gives out great after-sales services along with high-performance Air Conditioners.

5. Think About The Noise Level of The Area Where Your AC Will Be Put:

Generally, split ACs do not make much noise as compared to windows ACs. But even then you should check with the dealer in detail about the decibels of noise produced by both the indoor and outdoor unit of your AC to determine the perfect place for it. Always go for the ACs that make less noise and suit your lifestyle better.
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