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5 Tips to reduce the running cost of your AC
七月 13, 2021

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The summer heat is draining everybody’s energy. So much so, that the need to keep AC’s on all day long becomes imminent. But as the sun drains our energy, the AC’s burn our pockets by consuming high amounts of electricity, which reflects heavily on the bill at the end of the month. Are you feeling the brunt of huge electricity bills? Is this summer draining your energy and your pocket as well? Do you feel helpless with this dilemma? Then this Blog is for you.

As the temperature rises, AC keeps you comfortable and cozy. But how can you use your AC all day long and keep your electricity bills controlled? Is there a way? Well! Where there is will, there is always a way. You can minimise energy wastage and remain cosy all the time during hot summer days.

Just follow these few tips and you will start seeing changes on your electricity bills.

1. Keep your AC at the right default temperature

What is the default temperature? It is the temperature which is factory set by the manufacturer. Just like the default settings of your mobile phone, your AC’s also have default settings. One of those is the default setting of temperature. Who decides the default temperature? Well, it is decided by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) in India. It is an Indian government agency under the ministry of power which was formed to promote practices for efficient use of energy for energy conservation. Before 2020, the default temperature of AC’s were set to be 20° Celsius. However, in the early 2020, the AC manufacturers were mandated to keep the default temperature at 24° Celsius. According to several studies, with every degree of temperature we raise, 6 percent of electricity is saved. So, according to the math, if you used to keep your AC at 20° Celsius and now you keep it at the default 24° Celsius, then you are saving 6 multiplied by 4 that is 24 percent of electricity. That’s a big number, considering the fact that during summers, we generally keep our AC’s on all day long. You can still adjust the temperature according to your needs and preferences - read more on this below.

2. 24° Celsius - a healthy temperature

Do you live in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru or Chennai? Congratulations! You are living in cities with hot summers and high average temperatures. On a normal summer day, the average day temperature is between 34-38° Celsius. As soon as you set your AC temperature 10° below, let's say at 24° Celsius, you already start to feel good. In fact, our normal body temperature stays between 36-37° Celsius. Which means, any room temperature below our body temperature will feel naturally cool to us. Can you see the connection between the mandated default temperature for AC’s by the BEE and our own body temperature? Several studies have suggested that a sudden change in temperature between inside and outside the room harms the body as it goes under extreme stress to adjust itself to the hot environment. So, a temperature range of 24° Celsius is appropriate for hot summer days.

3. Seal your room and shut down your electric devices

What does a common living room look like? We are sure you will find several electronic gadgets which you bought to make your life easier. Heavy electronic devices like refrigerators, TV and computers release a lot of heat. This puts pressure on your AC and consequently it requires more energy to maintain the temperature. Try switching them off and allowing your room to cool down a bit before you turn on your AC.

Shutting the doors is of course common sense when it comes to allowing your AC to perform at an optimum level. But you should also check for the windows and curtains. Make sure they are sealed tight. Block the sun’s rays from entering your room by pulling the curtains. It makes your room hot and puts an unnecessary burden on your AC. You can also try rearranging your furniture so that they are no longer blocking the air vents. Allow your AC to maintain an adequate air flow.

4. Try not to overwork your AC

If you have ever woken up shivering at night, this means your AC worked overnight and turned your room into Antarctica. We understand your sudden vigour to switch it off as you feel chills to your bones. Therefore, we suggest you use the timer feature in your AC’s. You can adjust the timer according to your desired period. Your room will remain comfortable and cozy for a couple of more hours even after the AC is switched off. This helps reduce unnecessary burden on your AC, especially when it has been working throughout the day. You can keep switching it on in brief intervals of 1-2 hours. This will help you save a lot of energy and it will reflect significantly on your bill at the end of the month. In between, you can switch your fan on. The air circulation maintained by the fan once your AC is switched off helps maintain an adequate temperature inside.

5. Clean your AC and get it serviced regularly

Finally, it is time for one of the most obvious suggestions. Call a technician and get your AC serviced regularly. Over a period of time, dirt starts to settle on different parts of the AC such as fins and coils. Dirty fins and coils make your AC work harder. Your Ac becomes unable to maintain an adequate airflow. Moreover, the dust accumulated in the ducts and vents make it hard for the AC to circulate air inside the room and maintain the temperature inside. Clean dirty filters on a regular basis. Replace damaged or extremely dirty filters. It lowers the consumption of electricity by 5-15 percent and it is needless to mention, it also saves the device from breaking down.

For best performance, choose iFFALCON Eco-Tropical Inverter AC. It helps you save upto 50 percent energy. Subscribe to our blogs to get the latest updates on our products and enjoy summer time with an all round iFFALCON products designed for comfort and ease.
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