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The iFFALCON H72 sports the latest features offering the best entertainment experience. The 4K UHD QLED Display together with Dolby Vision and Dolby ATMOS provides cinematic experience at home while MEMC ensures you enjoy a smoother & lag-free visuals. The TV also comes with Video Call Camera, Hands-Free Voice Control, Google Duo, Google Assistant & More for smarter connectivity and enhanced control.

HDR 10+

zero compromise TV. HDR10+ allows content providers to include more metadata that can be processed and helps in improving the picture quality by upscaling the colours & brightness level frame by frame. The HDR 10+ brings pictures to life and makes them look realistic on screen. While the other HDR formats supports up to 1000 nits the HDR 10+ supports up to 4000 nits. The HDR10+ also supports 10bits colour depth which is approximately 1024 shades of primary colours.


Ultra-high-definition content is filtered through a layer of over a billion Quantum Dot nanocrystals. The stunning 4K display is enhanced with the addition of the latest in high dynamic ranging. Enjoy vibrant, impeccable images – with a leading 100%+ color volume and beautiful brightness. Experience the magic of QLED Display in 4K resolution with bigger, better and crisper visuals.

Dolby Vision

With Dolby Vision technology experience incredible brightness, contrast, colour details & cinematic visuals enhancing the appearance of Dolby exclusive content. It recreates content by adding wide colour range and marvellous details at the same time Dolby Vision also maintains the essence of visuals the way they are meant to be seen.

MEMC For Smoothest Content

MEMC (Motion Estimation & Motion Compensation) makes picture processing silky smooth. An intelligent algorithm delivers a refresh rate of 60-fps –displaying high-res entertainment in native speed, or upgrading lower frame content. Fast-moving, action-packed scenes look crisper, with no blurring. When the action gets intense, so does your display.

ONKYO Certified Sound

H72 features an immersive sound solution courtesy of a premium ONKYO sound system. ONKYO speakers elevate the entertainment with cinema-quality audio apparatus, designed to take content into the next dimension.

Dolby Atmos

Atmos is Dolby's latest surround-sound audio technology. ... In cinemas, the Dolby Atmos format allows for up to 128 tracks and audio objects, complete with spatial metadata, mixed in-house on powerful hardware to match the specific cinema speaker setup, ensuring highly accurate sound placement


iFFALCON provides, DTS-HD Master Audio is a high-definition digital surround sound format developed by DTS for home theater use. Now Enjoy each beat of sound around.

Smart UI

Smart UI is an advanced, User-Optimized Interface based on Android Operating System. In addition to powerful Android functionality, Smart UI delivers a more vivid, more interactive, and more entertainment-focused experience

Video Call Camera

A magnetically affixed video call camera enables you to effortlessly plug in and play. Use Google Duo to video chat with friends and family, join online classes, or catch up with the office from the comfort of your living room. Built with security at the core – unplug, or simply slide the cover when not in use

Home Entertainment Center

Tired of trying to find the latest trend-setting content? Explore 7,000+ apps, 700,000+ shows/movies, and Google Duo video-calling in Home Entertainment Center. Now there’s no stopping to unlimited entertainment and enjoyment.

Home Control center

iFFALCON is dedicated to making life more intelligent through the Home Control Center. Operate your TV via smartphone, cast content from mobile devices, and control your environment via simple voice commands – welcome to the home of tomorrow. Control all you smart device in one go and make your TV the master of your house.

AiPQ Engine

An algorithm processes content in real-time, detecting environment and upscaling display. AiPQ optimizes pictures according to content; so oceans appear bluer, and rainforests lusher. Bringing picture to life AiPQ Engine adjusts the colour, brightness & contrast according to the surrounding allowing you to enjoy your favourite content in a realistic manner.


iFFALCON H72 TV series provides you the multi-display where you can use multiscreen at one time without disturbing to you another screen. Now there’s no limit of visuals with this new technology TV. Enjoy multiple content streaming at the same time on your screen, so you never miss on anything important.

Android 11 TV

With Android 11 TV enjoy greater control and accessibility. Optimized to give you powerful device control, you can now directly delve into the stuff that matters the most. Managing conversation, multitasking and sharing content was never this easy. With this powerhouse TV enjoy an elevated performance be assured of a slick TV experience.