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95-degree Celsius Hot Water Wash

The Front load washing machine has a inbuilt heater so the temperature can be raised till 95 degree and provide hot water wash.This unique hot water wash technology helps to kill bacteria and germs therefore sterilising your clothes and provides a healthy wash. In addition, it also removes the bad odour of the clothes and gives the clothes the fresh look.

95-Degree Celsius Hot Water Wash

Auto drum Clean

For the ultimate in convenience, the Auto Drum Clean course keeps your front load washer fresh without using harsh chemicals. And it can even notify you automatically when it needs cleaning.

Auto Drum Clean

Honey Comb Crystal Drum

Protect your clothes from being damaged. The Honey Comb crystal Drum’s its unique design washes clothes very effectively, while treating them with care. Its smooth, diamond-shaped ridges are gentle on even delicate items.

Honey Comb Crystal Drum

Auto Error Diagnosis

Diagnose the error in the machine automatically and displays it on the digital display making it more user-friendly for the user to analyse the error and rectify it immediately.

Auto Error Diagnosis

Energy Efficient

The ERP A+++ rating denotes that this washing machine is not only efficient in saving the energy but also efficient in the amount of water utilised and has less noise level.

Digital Display

Dual Detergent Case

The Dual Detergent case provides you the complete flexibility of using powder detergent or liquid detergent.

Dual Detergent Case