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Top 5 Essential Washing Machine Tips To Extend Its Life
六月 28, 2021

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Washing machines form an essential part of our lives. Since their introduction, washing machines have helped us in lessening our workload to a great extent. They make it extremely easy & effortless to keep our clothes clean & fresh without needing our constant presence. Given the technological advancements provided by washing machines in our lives, they are generally a bit higher on the pricey side. So, it becomes imperative for us to always take care of our washing machines regularly to avoid any major problem arising in the future and costing us the future. Here are certain tips that can keep your washing up & running for years to come.

Top 5 Essential Washing Machines Tips

Your washing machines can be maintained at home without requiring any costly tools effortlessly. With these below-mentioned tips, you can easily maintain your washing machine if you follow them regularly.

1. Usage of The Right Detergent & Right Amount of Detergent:

It is of utmost importance to use the right detergent with your washing machine. It is advisable to use the detergent recommended by the manufacturer of the washing machine. The type of detergent is usually decided based on the type and price of the washing machine as well. The idea of using the specific detergent for your washing machine makes sense as certain detergent formulations can actually cause harm to the functioning of your washing machine and its interiors. These parts of washing machines are generally extremely costly and hard to find if once damaged. Hence, it is advisable to use washing machine-specific detergent to save yourself from all the costly damage that might occur to your washing machine. Now, coming down to the right amount of detergent, this is again extremely important. Too much detergent actually causes unnecessary wear & tear of the laundry while too little amount can lead to unclean clothes. Both of these conditions are neither good for your washing machine nor your laundry. Hence always use the right amount of detergent to maintain the long life of your clothes and of course the washing machine.

2. Avoid Overloading Your Washing Machine:

Every washing machine comes in different sizes and has specifications that must be followed for its optimum functioning. It is highly advisable; le to only put the specified quantity of laundry in your washing machine to avoid unnecessary pressure on the washing machine. This unnecessary pressure often leads to permanent damage to a few internal parts in the long run. Also, if you overload your machine, there is not enough space in the drum to get cleaned properly. Hence, as a smart consumer of the 21st century, follow all the specifications mentioned in the washing machine's manual and keep it working efficiently for years.
3. Always Put Laundry After Checking Thoroughly:
Generally, we tend to mindlessly put laundry in the washing machine without checking for coins in pants or pens in our shirt’s pocket. It is advisable to check your laundry thoroughly before putting it in the washing machine. Always remember to remove paper receipts, coins, pins, toothpicks, money, and other small items from your pockets as these items often bounce against the drum and damage its surface. This can lead to multiple washing machine problems and may require professional assistance if the washing machine stops working during the middle of the operation. So, always check your laundry for these harmful items and only then put it in the washing machine.

4. Leave the Washing Machine Door Open After Washing:

It is advisable to keep the doors of the washing machine dry after the cleaning of the laundry is complete to let the interior of the washing machine dry. This also prevents the building up of moulds in the inside of the washing machine and further avoids the foul smell coming out from your laundry. If you have not tried this trick yet, you must try it now and extend the longevity of your washing machine.

5. Clean The Lint Filter Regularly:

There is generally a lint collector in all the washing machines that collects all the lint & dirt build-up in the process of cleaning. It is advisable to clean this lint filter once in a while to avoid it from getting clogged up and leading to uncleaned clothes even after a tedious wash cycle.

If you follow all these six tips regularly, you will definitely improve the longevity of your washing machine and save yourself from the high maintenance cost. These tips also help in getting clean laundry each time with no extra effort. Also, if you are looking out for great washing machines, you must check out the iFFALCON’s technologically advanced line of washing machines with features like 95 degree celsius hot water wash, auto drum cleaning, dual detergent holder, high energy efficiency and auto error diagnosis.
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